Proclear 1 Day Contact Lenses

  • As Low As: $49.99 per Boxes
  • Manufacturer: CooperVision
  • Type: Daily Disposable
  • Contains: 90 Lenses per Box
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Proclear 1 Day

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Proclear 1 Day Details

Product Information

Product Details

  • Replacement Schedule: Daily
  • Corrects: Nearsightedness or farsightedness
  • Lenses Per Box: 90

Unique Features

  • PC Technology™
  • Aspheric Optics
  • Visibility tint

Recommended For

  • Nearsighted or farsighted individuals
  • People who experience eye dryness during contact lens wear
  • Those who enjoy the convenience of a daily replacement lens

Proclear® 1 Day contacts are daily disposable lenses manufactured by CooperVision. Featuring exclusive PC technology, they address eye dryness associated with contact lens wear. Order Proclear 1 Day contacts from Just Lenses today and take advantage of our cheap prices!


Proclear 1 Day contacts are designed for lens wearers who want comfort and convenience in a breathable lens. 

These contacts feature innovative PC Technology, which keeps the lenses moist and comfortable throughout the day. In fact, they stay 96% hydrated, even after 12 hours of wear. Plus, they maintain oxygen flow for white, healthy-looking eyes.

Proclear 1 Day contacts also have Aspheric Optics to correct lens and theoretical corneal aberrations. The result is crisp, clear vision from morning to night.

Additionally, Proclear 1 Day contacts are tinted for easy handling.

Product Availability

This item normally ships within 2-4 business days.

Price Comparison

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$49.99 $93.00 $43.01



Material Content

40% Polymer (omafilcon A)

Water Content

60% H2O

Proclear 1 Day FAQs

Can I reuse my Proclear 1 Day?
No, Proclear 1 Day are single-use lenses only.

Are Proclear 1 Day contacts FDA approved?

Yes, Proclear 1 Day contacts sold by Just Lenses are FDA approved.

Do I need a prescription to order Proclear 1 Day?

Yes, Proclear 1 Day are considered medical devices, and a valid prescription is required when purchasing at Just Lenses.

Where can I buy Proclear 1 Day?

We recommend buying Proclear 1 Day online to get the best deals. Check out JustLenses.com for affordable prices.

Proclear 1 Day Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 14 reviews

Proclear 1 Day

By: Anonymous


Best co tact’s for dry eyes.

1 person found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Anonymous

Speed Delivery

I am only ordering this once because I have a credit. They are cheaper to buy from my eye doctor and there is no shipping charge.

3 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: robin kane

fast turn around

Lenses were exactly what was ordered and did not take long to arrive!

3 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Sofia

Proclear 1 Day lenses eliminated all my irritation

These Proclear 1 Day lenses eliminate the irritation, blurriness, dryness and discomfort that I have experienced in the past! They are incredibly comfortable from day to night, and keep my eyes hydrated and moist.

195 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Jade

Proclear 1 Day are the best lenses ever

I've never felt better wearing contacts than with Proclear 1 Day. They are super moisturized, so my eyes feel nice and hydrated throughout the day. I used to get such terrible redness people thought I was sick! Now, I don't have any more red eyes!

199 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Bryce

Proclear 1 Day have made me feel all around better

I really enjoy the comfort Proclear 1 Day offers in contacts. They fit great on my eye, and help keep my vision clear throughout the day. I no longer experience headaches or blurred vision, and they help keep me focused all day long.

203 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Aria

Finally don't need to carry my glasses around

I can't believe how COMFORTABLE Proclear 1 Day is! They are a great contact and have stopped all my irritation problems. My eyes feel clear, hydrated and happy the entire day, and I don't have to switch back to glasses.

210 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Abigail

So happy I switched to Proclear 1 Day

Proclear 1 Day was the solution to my contact problems! Contacts normally give me a horrible headache and terrible eye redness and irritation by lunch time. I switched to these and all those problems are solved! No more irritation and all-day wear finally!

223 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Shavon

really comfortable contacts

The task of finding a good daily contact is so hard nowadays, but the Proclear 1 Day contact lenses made it clear to me that I will never be switching again. These contacts are of the highest quality imaginable.

247 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Dean

My new solution to dry eyes - Proclear 1 Day

My doctor had told me to look into Proclear 1 Day contact lenses for a reliable daily contact, so I did. I have been very pleased with how my eyes feel, as I no longer have dry eyes on a daily basis.

254 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Reggie B

Proclear Daily Contact Lenses

I love Proclear Daily contact lenses. That is all.

519 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Sonal

Proclear One Day

This is the cheapest website I could find for these Proclear one day contacts! I was a little unsure about this website at first, but I got my Proclear one day contacts and they were in perfect condition! They are very reliable and they even send emails to you at each step of the process! This website is great and so are these proclear dailies contacts! They are so thin and really soft! I love the Proclear daily contacts more than Acuvue Oasys!

521 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Lucas

Just put the in and forget about them!

The Proclear 1 Day contacts make wearing contact lenses easy. I just put the Proclear 1 day 90 pack lenses in my eyes in the morning and forget about them for the rest of the day. I take the Proclear 1 day 90 pack out before I go to bed and throw them away. I don't have to worry about cleaning them or keeping solution around. They are comfortable as well so the Proclear 1 day 90 pack are totally hassle free!

700 people found this review helpful.

Proclear 1 Day

By: Kelli

Proclear Dailies-The Best dailies out there!

Before the Proclear 1 Day contacts, I've never been able to wear contacts for so long! All of the other brands that I have tried always dry up after like 8 hours and they become painful because they begin to stick to your eyes. I can wear the Proclear dailies all day long with comfort. The Proclear 1 day contacts stay moist and they fit my eye very well.

691 people found this review helpful.