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AutoRefill Questions

What is AutoRefill?

AutoRefill is a program helps you get your contact lenses when you need them. Our AutoRefill program lets you save time and money and schedule regular deliveries of your contact lenses.

There are no hassles and YOU'RE in charge of it!

How does AutoRefill work?

AutoRefill allows you to set up repeat contact lens deliveries saving you time and money. When you sign up for AutoRefill you will save 5% or more on all future AutoRefill orders. The best part is that you get to schedule the frequency of when your contact lenses are delivered.

To start your AutoRefill, shop for your contact lens brand and add them to your cart. At Checkout, click the AutoRefill sign-up box and select the frequency of your shipments. Then place your order and we will handle it from there.

We will send you an email when your original order ships welcoming you to our AutoRefill program. We will send you an email reminder a month before your AutoRefill order is going to ship so that you can make any changes necessary before we process your order.

As an AutoRefill customer, we prioritize your orders with reserved inventory and VIP support.

How can I manage my AutoRefill subscription?

You can easily modify the shipping address, frequency, and payment method, as well as, change your delivery date by logging into your account and clicking on My Account / Manage AutoRefills.

What are the payment options for AutoRefill?

At this time, AutoRefill orders can only be processed using your credit card. We regret to inform you that PayPal and AfterPay are not currently available as payment options for AutoRefill orders.

How can I cancel my AutoRefill?

You can also cancel your AutoRefill at any time by logging into your account and clicking on My Account / Manage AutoRefills. Click "Cancel" on the AutoRefill detail screen.

Will the price change on future AutoRefill orders?

Kindly be aware that prices are subject to change. AutoRefill orders will be processed at our everyday low price effective at the time the AutoRefill order is placed, minus the AutoRefill discount. It's important to note that AutoRefill orders will not incorporate any special or discount pricing that may have been applicable to a previous order.

Is it possible to enroll in AutoRefill if my shipping address is located outside the United States and Canada?

Unfortunately, no. The AutoRefill program is only available for orders shipped within the United States and Canada.