Focus Dailies Toric Contact Lenses

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Focus Dailies Toric

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Focus Dailies Toric are daily disposable contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision. Whether you're a regular contact lens wearer, or just wear them for sports or special occasions, Focus Dailies Toric daily disposable contact lenses offer you the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and great vision. It all starts with a one-of-a-kind lens design that lets you enjoy a more comfortable lens wearing experience. Focus Dailies Toric contacts are also incredibly convenient. Since you're wearing a new pair of lenses every time you put them on, you don't have to deal with all the cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses. And there are no bulky, expensive solutions to buy, store or carry around.

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Material Content

100% Polymer ()

Water Content

0% H2O

Focus Dailies Toric Reviews

Rating: 5/5
- 7 reviews

Focus Dailies Toric

By: Mark

Excellent Quality having used them for 8 years

These are great daily wear lenses. Comfortable, sharp vision and reasonably priced. Fixes my astigmatism quite well. Get a box and give them a try. You won't be disappointed.

130 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies Toric

By: Clyde

best dailies Ive come across

I have always like daily contacts best, but could never find a high quality brand. The Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses were an exception however, as they would always make it through the day keeping my eyes moist.

248 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies Toric

By: Michael

always Super moist

My dry eyes have always left me angry towards contact lenses, but Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses have changed my opinion. They always are able to keep my eyes moist, and are extremely easy to take in and out.

250 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies Toric

By: Vera B

Crisp Vision

I have been using the Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses for over a year now. They stay put when I blink so I'm not waiting for them to re-settle to get my vision back. I always have crisp clear vision all day long. I love that I throw them away after each use. I don't have to worry about soaking them over night therefore I use much less solution and I always have a fresh new pair every day. Great vision and convenience it's all I could wish for.

508 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies Toric

By: Mark

Focus Daily Toric Contact Lenses-Best Toric

I have worked in an optical store for several years and have tried nearly every Toric Contact Lens on the market. There is no comparison that Focus Daily Toric contact lenses are the most comfortable contact available. If you have difficulty finding a contact that feels comfortable in your eyes, then I would recommend trying the Focus Daily contact lenses.

527 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies Toric

By: Joel

Most Convenient Torics

I have astigmatism and I think that it is great that I can get my vision corrected with a daily disposable contact lens. The Focus Dailies Toric 90 pack contacts are so convenient. I love not having to mess with solution anymore! I can just t throw my contacts away when I am done with them. I get great sight and the FOcus Dailies Toric lenses are super comfortable. What a great product!

519 people found this review helpful.

Focus Dailies Toric

By: Vera B

Focus Dailies Toric Contact Lenses-Crisp Vision

I have tried other toric lenses and the Ciba Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are not only very comfortable and convenient, but they give me very crisp clear vision. These do not need to resettle every time I blink, so my vision does not blurr. I am very glad I finally found Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses.

521 people found this review helpful.