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Aquaclear contact lenses

Aquaclear (Same as Biofinity)
Aquaclear (Same as Biofinity)

Aquaclear Contact Lens Reviews

Rating: 10/10 - 4 reviews
I highly recommend these Aquaclear lenses to anyone suffering from dry, irritated, red eyes. These lenses keep my eyes moist from day to night while also keeping my vision sharp and clear.
My eyes and I are really glad to have found Aquaclear contact lenses. I no longer feel the need to switch to glasses midday, or even carry around an extra pair! These contacts work so great, that my eyes feel like I'm not even wearing them.
Aquaclear contacts are a must for anyone with dry eyes! If you're like me, you tend to get irritated and itchy eyes after a couple hours of wearing contacts. Try these out, because they helped keep my own eyes happy all day! They'll help you too!
I recently purchased these Aquaclear lenses, and I am extremely happy with them! Even on my longest days, these lenses keep my vision hydrated and moist. I never even need wetting agents or eye drops! I plan to re-purchase.